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"I have been a part of EcoCentric since the company started in 2012. I was working in a small firm with no growth before joining here. The senior management very well recognized the potential in me and they have supported me ever since. I have never seen such dedication and team work from top to bottom. EcoCentric will surely be the best E-waste Management company very soon."
Abhishek, Plant Supervisor

"It's immense pleasure to work in team headed by entrepreneur's like Karan Thakkar, Sanket Chauhan & Hemal Damani Masters in there own way. Ethics is what i believe in to my professional & personal life, which i have been groomed in for since the time iam part of This ECOCENTRIC. In chaotic & uncertain Indian Economy i find myself in stable, sustainable company, having exponential growth in longer terms. Achieving goals in wet grass out field is not a childs play , but at ECOCENTRIC we are having team leaders & players having acquired & super phenomenal qualities to take all odds. Been around in consumer electronics & Home appliance customer services, Its great to see myself now in E-Waste Industry serving nature & human beings. Not to End But to summate up its grate dream coming true to life"
Shashikant Jadyal, Manager - Operations

"Our Environment is constantly getting detiorated due to various factors,and Ewaste is one such Major problem affecting the environment.When I joined EcoCentric,I was glad that it is an Organization working towards Environment,and I still feel proud that I am part of EcoCentric. I have grown professionally and got that correct corporate exposure at EcoCentric, as earlier I was working with Educational Institutions and their functioning is different from a corporate.EcoCentric is one big family where everyone has the freedom to work in their own way and in theirrespective departments.Karan,Hemal and Sanket have always guided me and supported me towards the right path and I am proud to be associated with EcoCentric "
Anchal Bajaj

"EcoCentric, no amount of words can describe the ideology and concept hidden behind the formation of this company. Just a small idea in the beginning which has brought us to this stage now. Saving the planet and making a business out of it is the best plan anybody could come up with. I am very fortunate to be a part of this team and can proudly say that I am doing my part to save our Earth."
Swapnil Deshmukh, Manager - Operations

"A place where people respect you for being who you are, I feel proud to be a part of an organization which is growing in leaps and bounds, giving me the opportunity to search for the best qualities in myself. Be it work, be it fun, its all the same here. I am proud to say that #iamecocentric."
Vinayak Bajpai, Assistant Manager - Business Development

"At EcoCentric, the team focuses on development. We make mistakes, we learn and we grow. Every day I get to learn loads of new things not just related to my job, but for life. Our association is not just limited to working together, we play together, we party together. The perfect place to be for hardworking young professionals. The company has always made sure that I get more than I deserve as long as I give in my best."
Digvijay Motiani, Assistant Manager - Business Development

"I am thankful that I am part of EMPL. It is some thing new and different company which help people to dispose there E-waste in Eco friendly manner. In our company there is freedom to give our opinion. Its a young team and we do our work with enjoyment. New member and new client and also individual people are joining with us and we get good opportunity to know people and talk with them. Over all its a good experience for my personality development."
Vaibhav Rambhade, Executive - Finance & Administration

"The most enriching experience one can have while earning for themselves. One place to be at is EcoCentric. Professional environment here gives you the freedom to express yourself and achieve your goals. The management team of Karan, Sanket and Hemal is fun to work with but at the same time professional enough to guide the team members in a right path. At EcoCentric, you have sense of doing your bit for the environment, which is the need of the hour.
Happy Recycling!!!"
Vinay Mantri, Sr. Manager - Business Development

"My aim while joining EcoCentric was to grow. This company not only helped me achieve my aim but also made me a better person. The frequent exposures to the corporate world has helped me achieved success in my career."
Anand Thakore, Sr. Manager - Business Development